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Rescue, Rehabilitate, Retrain, Rehome, Repeat.....

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Retrain, Rehome at Risk Equines (Horses, Donkeys and Mules).

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Making a difference

We specialize in the horses that no one wants - lame, untrained, unhealthy, unruly, or just too old to be of service


New Beginnings

We use our massive network of 200,000+ followers and over 50 approved ERN homes to find each horse a new start or a soft landing.

About ERN

ERN rescues horses, donkeys and mules who are at risk.  We go to horse auctions to find equines that need our help.  The challenge of our rescue is there are an enormous number of equines that need our help, and we have a limited number of stalls.  We wish we could take them all home and give each a soft landing.  

Since rescuing them all is not possible, we created an extensive network of equine advocates and rescues that work together to find fosters, homes and rescues to help.  ERN has over 50 "ERN approved" 501c3 nonprofit rescues and sanctuaries that can help us when we see an equine that needs our help.  

Although we currently have sanctuary farms in MA, SC and WI, Equine Rescue NETWORK is truly a NETWORK designed to help a high volume of equines get the proper care that they need to enjoy a second chance.


How you can help

Donate, Volunteer, Learn More about unwanted horses, or go to an auction and take home a horse need.

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Follow our sanctuary animals who have been repurosed as therapy animals for veterans, seniors and more

to our Mission

Donate to Equine Rescue Network by Venmo, Paypal, or Mail.  ERN is a registered nonprofit (taxId 35-2384830)


Follow ERN on Facebook to help rescue horses, donkeys and mules from auctions, killpens and inhumane owners

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