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Finding Forever Homes for Rescued Horses

Finding Forever Homes for Rescued Horses At the Equine Rescue Network (ERN), our mission is to save at-risk horses, donkeys, and mules from slaughter and find them forever homes where they can live out their lives in happiness and security. We believe that every equine deserves a chance at a better life, and we work tirelessly to make that happen. When a horse comes into our care, whether it's from a horse auction or another dire situation, our first priority is to rehabilitate and retrain them. Many of these horses have experienced neglect, abuse, or trauma, and it's our job to help them heal both physically and emotionally. We provide them with proper nutrition, veterinary care, and a safe and nurturing environment where they can begin to trust again. Once a horse is ready for adoption, we start the process of finding them a forever home. We have a network of over 50 approved rescue organizations and 200,000 followers who are passionate about equine welfare. These organizations and individuals help us spread the word about the horses in our care, increasing their chances of finding the perfect home. Finding a forever home for a rescued horse is a rewarding but sometimes challenging process. It requires careful consideration and matching of the horse's needs and personality with the potential adopter's experience and capabilities. Here are some tips for finding the perfect forever home for a rescued horse: 1. Conduct thorough screenings: Before placing a horse in a new home, it's essential to conduct thorough screenings of potential adopters. This includes checking references, visiting their property, and assessing their knowledge and experience with horses. We want to ensure that the horse will be well-cared for and loved in their new home. 2. Provide ongoing support: Finding a forever home is just the beginning. We believe in providing ongoing support to adopters to ensure the horse's well-being. This includes offering guidance on horse care, training, and any other support they may need. We want to build a strong relationship with adopters and be there for them every step of the way. 3. Consider adoption contracts: Adoption contracts can help protect the horse and the adopter. These contracts outline the responsibilities of both parties and provide legal recourse if any issues arise. They can also include provisions for the horse's return to the rescue organization if the adopter can no longer care for them. 4. Educate the public: One of the most effective ways to find forever homes for rescued horses is by educating the public about the importance of adoption. We regularly host events, workshops, and educational programs to raise awareness about the plight of at-risk horses and the benefits of adoption. By spreading the word, we hope to inspire more people to consider adopting a rescued horse. Finding forever homes for rescued horses is a labor of love. It takes time, dedication, and a strong network of supporters. But when we see a horse like the one in the image, standing in a lush green pasture, surrounded by rolling hills and a clear blue sky, we know that all our efforts are worth it. We invite you to join us in our mission to change lives and make a difference in the lives of equines in need. Together, we can give these beautiful creatures the second chance they deserve.

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