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How ERN Saves Horses from Slaughter

Have you ever wondered how organizations like the Equine Rescue Network (ERN) are able to save horses, donkeys, and mules from slaughter? It's a challenging and heartbreaking task, but ERN is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these animals. In this blog post, we will explore how ERN saves equines from slaughter and what you can do to help. One of the key ways that ERN saves horses from slaughter is by attending horse auctions. These auctions are where "kill-buyers" go to purchase horses that are at risk of being shipped to slaughter plants. ERN's volunteers are on the ground, ready to outbid these buyers and rescue the animals. By attending these auctions, ERN is able to directly intervene and save horses from a tragic fate. Once ERN has rescued these equines, the work is far from over. The next step is rehabilitation and retraining. Many of these horses have experienced neglect, abuse, or trauma, and it takes time and patience to help them heal. ERN's dedicated team of volunteers and professionals work tirelessly to provide the necessary care, training, and support to these animals. Through their efforts, they are able to give these horses a second chance at life. Finding approved homes for these rescued equines is another crucial part of ERN's mission. They have built a network of over 50 approved rescue organizations and have a following of 200,000 supporters. Through this network, ERN is able to connect with potential adopters who are committed to providing a loving and safe home for these animals. By carefully vetting and approving these homes, ERN ensures that the horses, donkeys, and mules are placed in the best possible environment. So, how can you help support ERN in their mission to save equines from slaughter? There are several ways you can make a difference: 1. Donate: Financial contributions are always appreciated and go directly towards the care and rehabilitation of rescued animals. Every dollar counts and can make a significant impact on the lives of these horses. 2. Volunteer: If you have a passion for horses and want to make a hands-on difference, consider volunteering with ERN. They often need help with feeding, grooming, training, and general care of the animals. 3. Spread the word: Share ERN's mission and work with your friends, family, and social media followers. The more people who are aware of the issue and the organization, the more support ERN can receive. 4. Adopt: If you are in a position to provide a loving and safe home for a rescued equine, consider adopting from ERN or one of their approved rescue organizations. By adopting, you are not only giving an animal a second chance at life but also opening up space for ERN to rescue another horse in need. ERN's mission to save horses, donkeys, and mules from slaughter is a noble and necessary one. Through their dedication and the support of their network, they are able to make a difference in the lives of these animals. By donating, volunteering, spreading the word, or adopting, you too can be a part of this life-saving mission. Together, we can help change the lives of equines in need.

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